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The central hub. Communication with Developers and Mods of the When Lambo Project. 

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Exchanges & Listings

When Lambo is now actively trading on PancakeSwap. Learn the most important trading terms like Margin trading, CFX trading, Volatility, Ask/Offer and more before making any trading.

When Lambo is now actively trading on P2PB2B. 



When Lambo is now actively trading on Coinsbit.

New Listing announcements to be revealed.


Project LEX is a first of its kind Crypto technology. Our development team have built platform with features set to revolutionise the way we trade. 
We'd love to tell you more but the project is highly confidential at the moment. Stay tuned for updates. The top way to find a broker to trade our token is to check out the forex brokers Canada on Forexcanada.
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